Calling All Volunteers:

 Join my team and get ready to give New York City a spring greening on Saturday, April 16. On Hands On New York Day, we’ll be gardening, cleaning, painting, and revitalizing parks, gardens, and other public spaces, making them cleaner, safer, and ready for summer.

 The work our team will do on Hands On New York Day benefits everyone in the city. And our work doesn’t stop there – New York Cares creates volunteer programs for over 1,000 nonprofit agencies and schools every day of the year that build better lives for 400,000 struggling New Yorkers. 


1.         CSW Project Team: www.handsonnewyorkday.org/cswproject

2.         Code: HONYD02 (ZeroTwo) –use this code for no charge to participate, there is a $20 tax-deductible fee if this code is not used.

If you can’t join the team, you can make a donation to support our efforts on my page. I’m asking friends, family, and co-workers to support my team by making a donation to New York Cares in honor of our service.  Every dollar donated to New York Cares is transformed into $6 in service to the community. The money raised also helps to support the tons of other New York Cares volunteer initiatives that happen year around city-wide.

Click Here to —>Donate

There are volunteer opportunities all year-long. Learn more about Hands On New York Day at http://www.handsonnewyorkday.org/ and learn more about New York Cares at http://www.newyorkcares.org/

 I hope to see you on Hands On New York Day!

 Peace & Blessings,


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  1. I know you are tired of hearing this but keep up the great work !!

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