Black Superhero Music: The Mixtape

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Here are some photos taken of Kim Thompson & DJ Jon Quick during the creation of the Mixtape.

Checkout the videos shot during the creation by Kia Michette Neal:      


October 5, 2010

 TAJ – 48 W. 21st. between 5th/6th Aves, NYC /  6-12am / DJ COMMISH

Starring NYC Club Legend DJ Jon Quick  & Grammy nominated drummer Kim Thompson as they perform a set from their groundbreaking mixtape. RSVP  

4 responses to “Black Superhero Music: The Mixtape

  1. Hoping the mixtape is going to be tight. I’m such a music fiend. You gotta come see me DJ at my next Harlem Nights event. I torn it down last time.


  2. Thanks Nicole!!! Here is another video teaser.

  3. I love these images because…quiet at it’s kept…I’m coming back as a drummer in my next life! 🙂

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